bait sinnary_sOrigami Lecture in Beit Al-Sinnary

Tuesday, 2nd April 2013 12:00-14:30  @Bait al-Sinnary, Saiida Zainab, Cairo

The Japan Foundation Cairo Office held an Origami lecture for 35 children from three orphanages, in cooperation with Beit Al-Sinnary, for culture & arts, under the affiliated to Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

At first, we briefly introduced the history of Origami, and some works as an example, then each participant was able to fold a cup, a shirt, a flapping crane and a box.

Half of the children already experienced the origami, so they assisted their colleagues in showing them the process of folding and making extra samples with excess paper.

The participants’ works were exhibited in Bait Al-Sinnary.

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“Japan Day” in Banha University

Monday, 15th April 2013, 11:00-15:00 @ Auditorium Banha Univ.- Banha-Qaliubiya Governorate

The Japan Foundation Cairo Office and Embassy of Japan were invited by the Students’ union of Banha Univ. to participate in the “Japan Day”as part of their event “Introduction to World Culture” n, held the program: Introduction of the Japanese Culture.

The program began with a short general information to Japan, followed by a simple Japanese language Lesson.  Then there was a lively Q&A Session where the students’ interest in East Asia, especially Japan, was clearly shown.  Finally JFC staff Ms. YAMADA Aki introduced the Japanese traditional dance “Tokyo Ondo”, which was warmly received by the audience.

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~ ベイト・シンナーリーー文化センターでの折り紙教室 ~

4月2日(火) 12:00~14:30 於:ベイト・シンナーリー@サイイダ・ゼイナブ





~ バンハ大学 Japan Day~  

4月15日(月)11:00-15:00 於:バンハ大学講堂@カリユベイヤ県バンハ

国際交流基金と大使館は、バンハ大学学生組合主催のイベント「世界の文化との出会い」のJapan Dayに招待され、日本文化紹介プログラムを実施しました。