Anime/ Manga Illustration Contest

On the occasion of the New J-Pop Corner @ Library Opening, we will organize an Anime/ Manga Illustration Contest. Fan art copied from popular Japanese anime and manga, or original illustrations from the applicants will be accepted.

Duration: Works will be accepted from September 29th (Thur.) to October 10th (Mon.), 2011
Applicants should bring their works to the Reception Desk at the Japan Foundation Cairo Office
(Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm)

• Fan Art:
Illustrations copied from previously created Japanese anime or manga.
The title of the original anime/ manga, and the name of the character must be clearly stated on a blank space inside the illustration itself. (In Arabic or English or Japanese)
• Only hand-drawn illustration will be accepted. Illustrations made with the use of any computer software will not be accepted.

• Original Illustration:
Original creations of the applicant, and not copied from any anime/ manga.
• Use of computer software in illustration is allowed.
Title of the work must be written on a blank space inside the illustration itself. Applicants must also state whether illustration is hand-drawn or created with computer software on the same space.
(In Arabic or English or Japanese)

Illustrations in both categories must be submitted on A4 size paper in color or in black & white.
(Applicants can freely choose paper type and materials)

Number of Works to be accepted:
One entry per category.

For Application:
On a separate sheet of A4 paper applicants must write the following information and hand it in with their illustration.
(In English or Arabic)
1- Name

2- Age

3- Occupation (or name of School/ Faculty & University)

4- Telephone number

5- E-mail address

6- Explanation of illustration and comments on Japanese anime and manga


Exhibition and Awards:
The winning illustrations will be chosen from the entries, and will be exhibited in the Japan Foundation Cairo Office Library for one month; from October 20th to November 20, 2011.
Three winners will be chosen as follows:
Fan Art Category: 1 winner
Original Illustration Category: 1 winner
The Japan Foundation Cairo Office Director’s Special Prize: 1 winner
Winners will be invited to the J-Pop Corner Opening Ceremony on October 20th where the awards will be handed out.
Prizes: Book on how to draw manga (in English).
Remarks: Submitted illustrations will not be returned to applicants.

Example Entry and Application Form

Application form
①Name Taro Yamada
②Age 20
③Occupation/Name of School University student
○○○University Faculty of Arts
④Tel No 02-0000-0000
⑤E-mail address
(About my work/
Japanese Manga and animation)
Pika Chu is so cute. So I tried to draw him cute and lively.
I am crazy about ”POKE MON”.