More than 20 members of Umeddonia Association –NGO– have attended a powerpoint presentation by Mr. Koji SATO, the Deputy Director of The Japan Foundation Cairo Office, titled: “Outlook on Japanese Culture and its Possible Contribution to the Globe in the 21st Century”.

Members were very pleased and excited to be introduced for the first time to basic geographical and cultural information on Japan; through footage and video clips following the presentation. Their amazement was great especially when Mr. Sato explained about the Waka and Haiku poems.

Being mainly lawyers, teachers, and journalists, the questions of the members were basically focusing on the Japanese constitution, family laws, slum areas, garbage, rapid development, and the relations between Japan and the current Egyptian government.

Although it was decided that the lecture would last for 2 hours only, it extended for 3 hours, since Mr. Sato and Ms. Aki YAMADA, the assistant director, happily welcomed answering the flood of questions they received after the presentation had finished. Of course, we ran out of time and had to conclude the lecture, promising the members to hold a second lecture especially to answer their questions.

At the end of the lecture, we all had a good friendly time with the members and enjoyed eating pizza and snacks with soft drinks.