Hello! this is Murakami.

Today, I introduce you Movie ranking 2010 in Japan.

Here is the top 10 movie in Japan.


This survey is conducted by Oricon. The list include 6 Japanese films as following.

No 4, “The Borrower Arrietty“.

Unfortunately (and unbelievably), Studio Ghibli does not have official channel in YouTube. So  I had to choose its theme song.

No,5  “Umizaru The Last Message

You can watch the trailers here. I could not find the embedding code, so please click the link. It’s so impressive.

No.6 “Bayside shakedown the movie 3″

We have a class to learn Japanese Language through watching this movie. The class starts 2 weeks later.

No.7 “One Piece “


Here is the link to wikipedia in Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew. Sorry, for I could not find Presian version. Somebody in Iran, please write it in your language.

NO.10 “Pokemon”

This is very entertaining animation movie.

Please follow the link to read in wikipedia in Japanese, Arabic, English, Persian, Hebrew, or Turkish.

Another No.10 “Nodame Cantabile

This is a live-action movie, but originally it was manga.

This is the cover of manga version.

How did you like it?

If you want to watch those movies, please don’t forget buy the originals, not pirated copy!