Hello. This is Murakami.

Today, I introduce you Japanese music. This year’s best-selling 6 CDs are following.

1 Troublemaker 嵐(arashi)


2 Monster 嵐(arashi)


Unfortunately, I could not find any ” legal ” video or music of Arashi on the net. Off course, you can find tons of video on the net which looks like illegal, but I don’t dare to link them from this page.

3 Best Friend 西野カナ(Nishino Kana)

Sonymusic looks like to know quite well about internet marketing. You can enjoy her crystal voice on the net.


Here is her promotion video for this song.


4 会いたくて 会いたくて (aitakute aitakute) 西野カナ(Nishino Kana)

Listen to her song through this link.


Or watch the promotion video here.


5 ありがとう (arigatou) いきものがかり(ikimonogakari)

This song is used as a theme song of  TV drama “Gegegeno nyobo” which is broadcasted on every weekday from April to September this year.

The name of band, “Ikimonogakari” means a student who are in charge of taking care of animals or plant in elementary school.

Here is their Music.


and video.


6 if 西野カナ(Nishino Kana)

This song is famous as the theme song of the movie “naruto shippuden 4”.

You can listen to the music through this link.


And video.


It is not easy to find Nishino Kana’s “Legally uploaded” video through Youtube, simply because Sonymusic does not open its’ official channel there.

But she has once sung with WISE who belongs to Universalmusic, so you can see her singing “Aenakutemo” through Universalmusic channel in youtube.

If you want to know about her in detail, here is the article about Nishino Kana on wikipedia.