Hi, this is Sukkar.

In Japan, autumn is most active season of the year.

There are several cliche to describe this season such as;

  • “Sports no Aki” (Autumn is good for sports)
  • “Geijutsu no Aki” (Autumn is good for arts)
  • “Shokuyoku no Aki” (Autumn is good for appetite!!)

Now I am talking about “Geijutsu no Aki.”

As I announced before, the first music event on Japan after Ramadan is;


The residence production by 5 Japanese and Turkish artists are going well in Istanbul now.

After the concerts in Turkey, they will fly to Cairo and have exciting concert for us on

October 5th., Tuesday, starting from 20:00 at Cairo Opera House.

Tickets are being sold at the ticket counter of Cairo Opera House for 15 LE.

For students, it’s 10 LE only!!!

Please spare time and join the “Geijutsu no Aki” together.

On November 1 & 2, we will have another Jazz concerts at EL SAWY CULTURE WHEEL, inviting 3 Japanese, 1 Thai, and 1 Malaysian musicians. The name of the band is “UNIT ASIA”

This also must be a wonderful musical experience for you. Do NOT miss it!!

We will inform about this event soon after the Sound Migration.