Hi, this is Sukkar. Kullu sana antum taiibiin.

How did you spend this Ramadan??

Let me announce the first big event of the Japan Foundation after Ramadan.

This is the Japan-Turkey music collaboration titled “Sound Migration.”

The event will be held at the Cairo Opera House at 20:00, October 5th., Tuesday.

From the September 14th., 5 musicians/dancer from Japan and Turkey joined together at Istanbul and started creating unique music/performance of their own.
Their music will be jazzy, improvisational, and one of a kind which you have never experienced.

The members of the unit are;

1. Kazuki Kunihiro (Japan)

Composer, vocalist, guitarist, leader of mixture band (Data) and punk band (Aujord’hui il fait beau)

2. Saadet Türköz (Turkey)

Improvisational vocalist. Born of Kazak parents who fled Eastern Turkistan (Uyghur autonomous region) as political refugees and made their way to Istanbu

3. Jun Kawasaki (Japan)

In addition to being a contrabassist and composer, Kawasaki has been successful in performing his own solo pieces, and is also a member of the bands, Data and Aujord’hui il fait beau, both led by Kunihiro, as well as the improvisation ensemble, EXIAS-J and others.

4. Şevket Akinci (Turkey)

An improvisational guitarist, Akinci is participating in diverse projects varying from jazz to noise music.

5. Micari (Japan)

An actress and performer, after a successful stage debut in Bartok’s Bluebeard, written and directed by the late Shuji Terayama, she participated in the formation of the Kuna’uka Theatre Company (http://www.kunauka.or.jp/) in 1990 with the director, Satoshi Miyagi.

If you love music, you must come and enjoy their exciting improvisation.

Look forward to seeing you at the Opera House!!

Official Website: http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/culture/new/1009/09-01.html