Hello everyone! This is Ayako Ochi.

I am sorry for not writing for a long time.

I have a good news today, “Basic Japanese-Arabic Dictionary” will be released finally!!!

This dictionary has about 3,000 entry words which is most important for beginners of Japanese and it has a lot of example sentences and explanations on the words. If you are studying Japanese or interested in it, please take a look! You can find it at Dar El Shorouk’s bookshops;


And if you have time please come over to the launch party for this dictionary, which will be held at Zamalek Shorouk Bookstore, on Tuesday 20th July 2010, at 8 pm. (Free Admission)

Address: 17, Hasan Sabri St., Zamalek. beside Vodafone.

Tel.: 27 359 418 / 27 359 419

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!