Sorry not to upload new post for a week. How are you doing? Enjoining summer holidays in Alex, if you are students?

This week, I keep visiting other foreign cultural organizations to exchange information and ideas about running language courses. So far, I and Goro-san, Japanese language coordinator, visited Goethe Institute (German), Cervantes Institute (Spanish), and Italian Culture Center.

I was amazed by the fact that more than 1,000 people are learning the languages at each school per year, which is a bit larger number than Japanese learners.

At the Goethe and Cervantes, we saw many children coming in the building for the courses.

We did not have the courses for children. But we have just started ‘KIDS JAPANESE’ course for a month utilizing summer vacation season. About 20 children at the age of 5-9 enjoy learning new language while playing with music, craft-making, and so on. It is real fun to see the kids being excited with full of joy!!

We are visiting Chinese Culture Center in Giza today, and British Council tomorrow.

Learning from the experiences of other organizations, we would like to try our best to make our courses better and more attractive to more potential learners in future.

Today, 3-time ORIGAMI course at SAQIA will start with 32 participants.

If you are interested in ORIGAMI, think about applying for the next course, which will be announced both at SAQIA and the Japan Foundation.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Hasta Luego!!


Zai4 Jian4!

See you again!