Hi, friends!!

Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite J-pop music.

That is; Tamaki Koji (vocalist of Anzen Chitai)!!

NOT because he has the same first name as I.

  • What a beautiful voice!!!
  • How emotional his expression!!
  • What beautifully songs he composes!!
  • What beautiful lyrics!!

I admire his as a born-to-be, genius, perfect musician.

He started his career with the band named “Anzen Chitai,” and all over their professional activities they have sold more than 5 million albums in total.

After 2000’s,  he mainly has been working as a solo artist, and also created so many beautiful songs. But for recent years, he stopped the music activities in public because of sickness.

And now, he overcame the disease and came back to us with this legend band, AnzenChitai!

Very kindly they officially uploaded main part of their recent songs on You Tube. So, I am happy to introduce them to you here!!

1. ‘Aoi Bara’ (Blue Rose) /released on March 2010

2. ‘Orange’ /released on May 2010

3. ‘Wine-Red no Kokoro’ (Wine-red-colored-mind)/

Their first big hit song in 1983 and re-recorded as a coupling tune for ‘Aoi Bara’ on March 2010

Last month they released their 11th new album, ‘Matane,’ and today released re-recorded their classic hit song collection, ‘Hits.‘ Both can be purchased through i Tune Japan.

I hope you will like them and enjoy J-music life!!

Official site of ANZEN CHITAI: http://www.universalmusicworld.jp/anzen_chitai/