I was amazed to see that more than 150 people got accessed to this blog yesterday.

This will encourage all our staff to keep the site updated with information of your interest.

Today, I’m gonna introduce you to 3 new e-learning site of Japanese language, created by the Japan Foundation. By utilizing all these sites at their maximum, I believe that you can learn Japanese language to certain high level without going to schools!

Besides that, they are all designed pop with many video images, photos, pretty characters, and even mangas. They should never get you bored and keep you stick to learning.

O.K. Now, let’s start from Erin.

No.1     Erin’s Challenge! I can speak Japanese. (Erin-ga-chousen! Nihongo dekimasu.)

JPN: https://www.erin.ne.jp/

ENG: https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/

This site is the web-version of the TV serial of Japanese language learning, which was broadcasted by NHK. You can learn the language while enjoying the stories centered around the Erin’s (a British girl who has joined a high school in Japan for half a year) encounter with Japanese people and culture.

No.2      Nihongo E-na

JPN: http://nihongo-e-na.com/

ENG: http://nihongo-e-na.com/eng/

This is a useful portal site which introduces very good (E=’ii,’ in Japanese), recommendable e-learning websites. You can search the sites you want with such keywords as Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Kana, Kanji, Tool, Dictionary/Translation, Culture/Society, and Others.

No.3      Japanese in Anime & Manga (Anime-Manga no nihongo)


Many of our friends may be familiar to Japanese language through Manga and Anime. And we know that you understand the styles and usages of the language differ in generation or social background which each person belong to. And I believe that it is the same about Arabic. Through this site, you can get the knowledge of the social and cultural background behind the Japanese language, which will enrich your understanding of Japan. And, of course, it will help you in enjoying Manga /Anime much better than before.