Hi. This is Sukkar.

Sorry, I cannot help but feeling ashamed to call myself in full name every time I add a new post.

So, instead of Koji Sato, allow me to  go with ‘Sukkar,’ simply because ‘sato’ means ‘suger’ in Japanese.

The concert of AGA-SHIO at Opera House was successfully over on June 8th.

I would like to thank all the audience who came to the show.

And I also would like to thank Dr. Mahmoud Kamal, brilliant Nai player, who made wonderful performance with our Japanese musicians. As always, it was a real fun to see all our audience got excited to experience musical collaboration beyond borders. Their ‘AZIZA’ of Mohammed Abdel Wahaab was beautiful and touched our heart!

The next music program from Japan will be coming at the end of October.

It will be jazz and the name of the band is ‘UNIT ASIA.’

They are multinational comprising of 3 Japanese and 1 Thai and 1 Malaysian, and create  top level Jazz-fusion music.

Please do come and enjoy one of the most exciting contemporary cultural scene of Asia.


Well, let’s move into today’s topic.

Do you have your own twitter ID?

I hadn’t until 1 week ago, when I saw a news about a Japanese popular novelist, Mr. Genichiro Takahashi just had started twittering. http://twitter.com/takagengen

Before that, I had been skeptical about this new media. More frankly and honestly, I did not know what is was and how to use it!!! As reaching towards 40-year old middle aged man, it is becoming hard to catch up with rapid media development.

But, now, many influential people here and there are talking about the big possibilities of social transformation which should be caused by the twitter. And I started to feel threatened to be left out from the new cultural and social trend.

And finally, Mr. Genichiro Takahashi’s entry has pushed me to sign up the gadget.

He said that he wanted to communicate with people other than through books he write, which are his main source of communication with the public.  And since then, every day at midnight he updates his twittering.

Even though I am still feeling reluctant to post my comment on his twittering, I can assure you that it is really fun to read it and that he is really serious in reaching out his thought and ideas into the new public space.

If you know our Japanese language, please get accessed to his twitter site.

And if you do not have your ID, let’s start join this new world first!!