Hello. This is Koji Sato.

Summer has come to Egypt. It is really hot, isn’t it? Eat and sleep well to keep healthy.

Now, all the Japan Foundation staff are being really excited to receive in Cairo one of the greatest musicians from Japan in early June.

The name of the group is ‘AGA-SHIO.’

AGA-SHIO consists of a shamisen player AGA-tsuma and a pianist SHIO-noya. that’s why, AGA-SHIO!!

Do you know about shamisen? It is 3 string instrument traditionally played among Japanese musicians for a long time. And AGAtsuma’s shamisen is particularly from TOUHOKU area, which is the north-east part of Japan. Named after the area, this type of shamisen is called ‘TSUGARU-SHAMISEN.’

Compared to regular shamisen, which is mainly used as backgruond music of songs and plays like Kabuki and Bunraku, this TSUGARU-SHAMISEN has more powerful sound and , that is why, is used for solo-play.

Although he is young-still in thirties, he has become one of the most renowned ant talented shamisen players in Japan out of more than ten years of his professional activities. He has also collaborated with many foreign great musicians like Herbie Hancock!!

I found some of his live performances at YouTube, so I would like to share them with our Egyptian friends.

The first one is very modern with latin music in band ensemble.

And this is traditional Japanese tune in solo.

AGA-tsuma felt strong respect and friendship with SHIO-noya, who is also one of the most renowned pianist in his generation. SHIO-noya is a cross-border musician who taps various genres such as jazz, latin, western classical. After he started solo activities in 1993, he has made as many as 11 albums.

This is SHIO-noya’s solo perfomance!!

They made a unit in last November, composed songs together, and now will be in a long world-tour, in which Cairo is also the destination!!AGA-SHIO’s music is standing at the forefront of contemporary music scene in 21st century.

You must come and see this exciting crossover music of tradition and modern, the East and the West!!

Once again, DO NOT miss the chance to enjoy their music!!

AGA-SHIO; Unprecedented Music Crossover from Japan

Date & Time: June 8, Tue., 20:00~

Venue: Cairo Opera House Small Hall

Tickets: 30 LE (available at Cairo Opera House)