Hello. This is Koji Sato.

This morning I was a bit surprise to read an article of Asahi shinbun web news about latest ‘Anison.’

Do you know what Anison is?

It is the contraction of ‘Anime Songs.’

They are popular not only in Japan but in Europe and Asia, together with the great number of viewership of the ‘Anime’ itself.

Well, about the news this morning.

The latest two ‘Anisons’ for the school animated serial “KEION,” got No. 1 and No. 2 of the ‘ORICON,’ one of the most reliable music hit charts in Japan.

The titles of the songs are; ‘GO! GO! MANIAC!’ and ‘LISTEN!’

They are composed by a professional composers but sung by the 5 voice actor/actresses of anime “KEION.”

The word “KEION” is also a contraction of KEIONGAKU; that is light music or pops in general.

The protagonists of the Anime belong to KEION club at school and explore the world of music and creation. There must be friendship, romance as sidelines, of course.
Having said that, I have to confess that I have not seen this Anime yet.

I also belong to KEION club at high school (more than 20 years ago…), and that is why very much interested in this Anime. I wish to get some DVDs or its original comic books in nearest future and would like you to enjoy them, too.

Going back to the music of the “KEION,” there seem to be some controversial debates on the legitimacy or artistic values of these a bit amateur-tasted songs. But, as far as I feel, they are nice and worth enjoying as music!!

I found Youtube posting of the songs. please enjoy them!!